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Chem-Press Information Sheet
Chem-Press SDS
Chem-Press SDS French
1,000 litre totes
205 litre drums
20 litre pails


A uniquely formulated lubricant using premium PPG/PAG glycol with a high performance inhibitor/additive package. Chem-Press is formulated to give negligible solubility or dilution in hydrocarbon gasses, and provides corrosion protection as well as protection from hydrogen sulphide. Chem-Press has superior lubricty in systems and will provide long-term, trouble-free service life!

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Centrifical compressors, flooded rotary screw compressors, liquid ring vacuum pumps.


Use as is.

Laboratory Analysis
Appearance: Clear Liquid
Odour: None
Corrosion: Non-Corrosive
Flammability: Non-Flammable