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Super Soak Information Sheet
Super Soak SDS
Super Soak SDS French
205 litre drums
20 litre pails

Super Soak

Specially designed for pre-soak applications. Super Soak quickly and effectively penetrates dirt and road film on even the dirtiest vehicles. Excellent for touchless and pressure wash applications.

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Touchless car washes, automotive industry, industrial areas and anywhere a high quality pre-soak cleaner and degreaser is required.


General cleaning: use 1 part “Super Soak” up to 180 parts water. May be diluted further depending on temperature of water. Heavy Duty pre-soak applications dilute 1 part to 50 parts water.

Laboratory Analysis
Appearance: Green Colour
Odour: None
Solid Content: 24%
Flammability: Non-Flammable
pH: 12
Solubility: Water Soluble
Detergency: Excellent
Toxicity: Non-Toxic