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Triple D Information Sheet
Triple D Government Letter
Triple D SDS
Triple D SDS French
205 litre drums
20 litre pails
4 x 4 litre containers

Triple D

Approved by Health Canada for the COVID-19 Emergency Response. Is a cleaner, disinfectant, deodorizer, fungicide, furiside, mildewstat, and sanitizer with organic soil tolerance.

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Meat packing plants, butcher shops, farms, hospitals, motels, hotels, restaurants, arenas, swimming pools, and any other commercial and industrial establishments where a germicidal sanitizer is needed.


Please refer to Info Sheet for Directions.

Laboratory Analysis
Appearance:Blue Liquid
Odour:Detergent Scent
pH at 10% Solution:10.5+/-0.5
Solubility:Water Soluble