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High Flash Gel Information Sheet
High Flash Gel SDS
High Flash Gel SDS French
1,000 litre totes
205 litre drums
20 litre pails

High Flash Gel

High Flash GEL is designed to quickly emulsify and break down bitumen, tar and asphalteens. A specially-formulated gel designed to cling on vertical surfaces, creating extended contact time. With a flashpoint of over 80°C, it is a very safe alternative to many volatile solvents.

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Down hole applications, oil rigs, heavy haulers and anywhere bitumen and asphaltenes are encountered.


For general cleaning and heavy build up, use as is.

Laboratory Analysis
Appearance: Pale Yellow To Pale Brown Liquid
Odour: Citrus
Solubility: Excellent
Corrosion: Non-Corrosive
Flammability: Combustible Liquid