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205 litre drums
20 litre pails
4 X 4 litre containers


A highly concentrated biodegradable car, truck, and bus wash soap. A fast-acting detergent for use in automated or pressure wash systems. Muscles is safe on all surfaces and finishes. Quickly penetrates dirt, grease, and oil. Cuts through road film and leaves vehicles clean and bright with no residue. Muscles contains active ingredients to lubricate brushes to make them softer therefore giving longer life to the brushes and the vehicles finish.

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Car, truck, and bus washes.


Dilute 1 part Muscles to 250 or 500 parts of water, depending on hardness of water.

Laboratory Analysis
Appearance: Thick Pink Liquid
Odour: Bubblegum Scent
Corrosion: Non-Corrosive
Flammability: None
pH: 7.2
Solubility: Excellent
Detergency: Excellent
Toxicity: Non-Toxic