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205 litre drums
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Clean & Shine

For use in pressure and touchless vehicle wash systems. Non corrosive and biodegradable Clean & Shine is a revolutionary vehicle wash detergent. Formulated with unique surfactants, wetting agents and detergents designed to strip dirt and road film off of vehicles and equipment quickly and easily. Clean & Shine is formulated with a special rinsing agent making the water bead off of the vehicle's surface leaving a high shine.

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Touchless and pressure wash systems.


Dilute 1 part Clean & Shine to 300 parts of water. May be diluted further depending on temperature, hardness and pressure of water used.

Laboratory Analysis
Appearance: Blue, Clear Liquid
Odour: None
Corrosion: Non-Corrosive
Flammability: None
Solubility: Excellent
Detergency: Excellent
Toxicity: Non-Toxic